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What is a CTSO?

CTSO stands for Career and Technical Student Organizations. These organizations offer students the opportunity to move deeper within the content of Engineering and Technology Education courses with time before and after school to learn new things, participate in leadership opportunities, and compete against students at other schools in local, state, and national competitions.

Technology Student Association (TSA)

TSA is the Technology Student Assocation. Georgia TSA prides itself in being one of the front runners in developing students into leaders for tomorrow in the United States. TSA is for Middle and High School students wanting to do more than just come to class every day!

From the Georgia TSA Website:

The Technology Student Association (TSA), formerly AIASA, is the oldest student organization dedicated exclusively to students enrolled in technology education classes grades K-12. It has a rich history that spans three decades. Three distinct periods may be found in TSA's history. During the period from 1958 to 1978, the American Industrial Arts Student Association (AIASA) was a sponsored activity of the American Industrial Arts Association (AIAA). In 1978, the nonprofit corporation, AIASA, Inc., was formed to oversee AIASA as a separate organization. During the decade that followed, the organization grew in size, strength, structure, and impact on students and secondary school programs. The summer of 1988 closed this third decade as AIASA reached another milestone, a change in the name of the organization to the Technology Student Association (TSA). The above links describe (a) AIASA's history through these three major periods up to the time the association changed its name, (b) the evolution and purposes of activities, and (c) the organizational structure of TSA.


Please check out the GaTSA website for more information and the 2010-2011 Calendar for all the great GaTSA events that take place around the state.

Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA)



For college students still interested in a CTSO for Engineering and Technology, many colleges offer TEECA. TEECA was founded by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA), the national association for GETEA. TEECA enables college students to compete against other schools in regional and national competitions and build rappore with the teacher's association as well. TEECA helps transition aspiring Engineering and Technology teachers from college to a profession and can help in acquiring a job, scholarships, and so much more. For more information on TEECA, please visit the ITEEA TEECA website.

Other Related CTSO's

Skills USA

In addition to TSA, students may have the opportunity to be a member of Skills USA. SkillsUSA is a national, nonprofit student organization that has developed more than 10 million workers through active partnerships between employers and educators. They focus on the other pathways in CTAE, but is open to students who may only have access to Drafting or other Pre-Engineering related courses at their high school. Hundreds of American industries have turned to SkillsUSA as the source for employees who exemplify “Champions at Work” in both skills and attitudes. SkillsUSA’s mission is to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. At the heart of this mission are SkillsUSA’s core values: integrity, responsibility, citizenship, service and respect. SkillsUSA Georgia is focused on serving high school students involved in Architecture, Construction, Communication, Cosmetology, Public Safety, and Transportation pathways.

You can check Skills USA out here.

National Technical Honors Society (NHTS)

The National Technical Honors Society is a group of students created to meet the needs of high achievers in the Career and Technical Education field in high school. This society recognizes high performing students in CTAE areas for their accomplishments. Students involved in NHTS have access to scholarships, volunteering, and beneficial partnerships with local businesses and industry. To view more information on NTHS, please go here.

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