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The following information is taken from the Georgia Department of Education Website on what the state considers Program Certification to be.

Program Certification Checklist

Program Certification Application

List of Current Certified Programs

Program Recertification Application

Program Certification Checklist (GaDOE)

CTAE Industry Certification Initiative

When a program became industry certified, it received a "stamp of excellence", which represents the apex of program quality. Only those programs that have successfully undergone rigorous reviews by leaders from business and industry are recognized with this distinction.

The State Department of Education is committed to the industry certification process as a part of its effort to strengthen technical and academic standards for all Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) programs.

This formal process strengthens all program components, including:

Industry certified programs not only offer outstanding opportunities to students who receive instruction through such programs; but they also offer positive benefits for schools as well as employers.

How do students benefit?


How does the community view a school where programs have undergone the industry certification process?

What does certification represent to the business community/employers in the school’s service area?

Schools that pursue the industry certification process receive a special grant provided there is support from the Georgia Legislature. Schools which receive funding are expected to have programs certified by the end of the fiscal year in which grant funding was received.

Programs are typically certified for a period of five years. During that time, the school conducts an annual review to ensure that the program continues to meet certification criteria. At the end of the certification period, programs may apply for re-certification.

Industry certification standards are developed collaboratively by the Georgia Department of Education Program Specialists and the state-level business associations noted below. Input is also sought from CTAE instructors throughout the state.

Standards are in place for the following CTAE program areas:


The state-level business/industry associations which serve as co-sponsors (along with the Georgia Department of Education) of the industry certification process are as follows:



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