Professional Learning and Development

As we continue down the road of educating our students, it is imperative that we re-educate ourselves from time to time. This enables us to keep our programs lively, exciting, current, and challenging for our students. Please check back often for information on professional learning opportunities

Ways to Find Professional Learning

CTAE Resource Network

The CTAE Resource Network offers regular courses for professional learning. Many of these courses satisfy PLU requirements and sometimes offer products, resources, and even stipends.

Regional Educational Service Agencies

RESA's offer courses for continuing education and certification purposes. If you do not know the local RESA that serves your county, check here. If you do know which one serves your area, check them out below.

County-Level Professional Development

Check with your county office for professional learning opportunities. Many counties have large professional development offices that offer year-round courses catered to meet your classroom needs.

Corporate Learning

Many times businesses and educational resource suppliers offer classes and learning opportunities at different times of the year. Check these companies websites for these opportunities. Companies like Pitsco, Learning Labs, Autodesk, and VEX offer classes all the time.

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities across the country offer amazing educational advancement opportunities either through degree-seeking programs or continuing education course. There are many programs beginning to offer fully-online advanced degrees and continuing education courses to meet the needs of teachers from around the country. Below are just a few colleges that offer Engineering and Technology related courses, continuing education programs or advanced degrees accessible within the state of Georgia.

Upcoming Opportunities

The GETEA Executive Committee is currently in the process of designing and instituting webinars and other learning opportunities for GETEA members only. Please check back soon for more information on these opportunities.

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