Past Presidents


GETEA Past Presidents

2014 Willie Haynes Hubert Middle School

2013 Tonya Isabell Buford Middle School

2012 Don Morgan Brooks County High School

2011 Blaire Booth East Coweta Middle School

2010 John Newton Lowndes High School

2009 Tim Schmitt Arabia Mountain High School

2008 Eddie Nelson Autrey Mill middle School

GITEA Past Presidents

2007 Robert Kraushaar Creekland Middle School

2006 John Cribb Atkinson County High School

2005 Willie Haynes Jenkins County High School

2004 Ozzie Parish Eagles Landing High School

2003 Billy Millican Dade County Schools

2002 Rick Moore Dekalb County Schools

2001 Angela Quarles Morrow High School

2000 Eddie Nelson Arnall Middle School

1999 Phil Sisk

1998 Roger Jessup Buford High School

1997 Steve Price Pointe South Middle School

1996 William Hicks Colquitt County Middle School

1995 Scott Brown Americus High School

1994 Roger T. Ivey Lilburn Middle School

1993 Roger T. Ivey Lilburn Middle School

1992 Rick Moore

1991 Mike Murrey

1990 Bobby Riley

1989 Stirling Shipper

1988 David Stewart

1987 Robert Allen, Sr.

1986 Danial J. Schweickert

GIAA Past Presidents

1985 Danial J. Schweickert

1984 Dr. Michael Bachler

1983 John Kirby

1982 Dennis Buchannan

1981 Tommy Pitchford*

1980 Bill R. Page

1979 Harol Quinn*

1978 Robert Stewart

1977 Sherman Hall

1976 Coleman Peacock

1975 Berkley Ruiz

1974 Edward Wilkowski

1973Russell Hardin

1972 Bob House

1971 Bobby Muggridge

1970 Tom Coeuy

1969 James W. Bray

1968 Eli E. White

1967 Thomas G. Latimer

1966 Carol Coons*

1965 Norman Cooksey

1964 Samuel L. Powell, Jr.

1963 Carl Smiley

1962 Wiley Dill*

1961 Donal Whaley

1960 Thomas E. Poe

1959 John F. Clontz*

1957-58 & 1938-39 G.J. Geisler*

1956 John Maddox*

1955 Raymond Ginn, Jr.

1954 Melvin Davis*

1953 Robert Waters*

1952 E. A. Wolf*

1951 George Mullins

1949-50 L.M. Burke*

1947-48 Dr. Ivan Hostetler*

1942-1946 Records Missing

1941 & 1935 John Lytjen*

1940 Records Missing

1937 Eli S. White*

1936 Glen Shaeffer*

1934 C.E. Townsend

1933 Stanley Hastings*

1932 Paul Stanley Woodward*


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