Past President


Willie Haynes (2015-16)

Hubert Middle School

768 Grant Street Savannah, GA 31401

Phone: (912) 395-5235


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

It shall be the responsibility of this member to become familiar with all aspects of the activities of the association and bring to the Executive Committee any suggestions or special requests from members of the association. Members at large of the Executive Committee may be called upon to perform special duties as requested by the President.

In addition to the above duties, the Past President shall assist the new President during the transition of this office by keeping him informed on activities performed during the previous year which relate or carry over into the current year.

The Past President also may make written recommendations regarding the committee work carried over, new activities suggested, and changes in procedures of the association. This written report should be presented to the group at the Officer Training/ Planning Session (usually held in late May or early June) and submitted to the new President. The Past President will be provided time to give this report at the Officer Training/ Planning Session.


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