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Check out all of the amazing lessons and activities teachers from around the state and country have put together that meet our current Georgia Performance Standards.

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GETEA Cookbook

In the late 1990's, several Engineering and Technology Teachers came together and created 4 cookbooks that contained acitivities to meet the QCC's. Although QCC's are no longer the required learning standards, these activities fit in with many of the our Georgia Performance Standards and can help align your middle or high school program. These activities are also great tools for new Engineering and Technology teachers who need a little jump start in their classroom. These are available to you free of charge and you may download them in either a Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Cookbook 1: Word PDF

Cookbook 2: Word PDF

Coobook 3: Word PDF

Cookbook 4: Word PDF

Best Practices

The Best Practices in Technology Education document was created a few years ago to serve as a living document to help guide Engineering and Technology Education by compiling classroom models and practices used throughout the country into one accessible document that teachers can use for years to come.

Best Practices in Technology Education: Word PDF

You may also access Gene Martin's Comments on Best Practices here.

Middle School GPS Aligned Curriculum

Please download the complete zip file of our Middle School GPS Curriculum.


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Free Resources for the Engineering and Technology Education Classroom

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