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GETEA is a professional organization devoted to the advocacy, growth, and development of new Engineering and Technology Education programs throughout the state of Georgia. Our goal is to provide resources, connections, and assistance to Engineering and Technology Education programs in Georgia at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level.


Founded in 1932 as the Georgia Industrial Arts Association (GIAA), renamed the Georgia Industrial Technology Education Association (GITEA) in 1986 and again renamed the Georgia Engineering and Technology Education Association (GETEA) in 2007.  GETEA is a nonprofit professional organization for Engineering and Technology Education Teachers and many supporters of Engineering and Technology Education in our Georgia schools. 

"Engineering and Technology Education" refers to a series of action based, hands-on courses that allow students to work with and study modern technology and the impact that it has on our society. Beginning with an "Introduction to Technology" in high schools, "Explorations in Technology" in the middle schools, and now "Technology Education Activities" at the elementary school level - students may explore, study or specialize in many educational areas that interest them.

The association is affiliated with the International Technology Education Association (ITEA) and also works closely with the National Technology Student Association (TSA) & Georgia Technology Student Association (GATSA), which provides student members with co-curricular activities in Technology Education.

With continued aggressive leadership from the Georgia Department of Education, the Georgia State School Board, and the Georgia State Legislature, we continue to lead the nation in the percentage of schools teaching technology education. GETEA hopes that this trend will continue well into the future.


In Georgia, there are over 700 Engineering and Technology Education teachers, teaching students every day how to build, design, and think critically while solving complex engineering problems. With Georgia in a budget crunch, it is critical for us to consistently promote and make our programs visible to those who support us financially and by other means. Please sincerely stop and consider joining GETEA if you are not currently a member so that we as teachers and Engineering and Technology instructors can have a bright future.


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